5th Edition Adventures: A6 - Of Banishment & Blight - EN

5th Edition Adventures: A6 - Of Banishment & Blight - EN
Brand: Troll Lord Games
Product Code: TLG19308
EAN: 9781944135393
Category: Various
License: Troll Lord Games
Language: english
Product Type: Book
Release Date: Restock, eta June 2019
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Atop a cursed mountain, in towers of ice and snow is a danger of primordial origin - the Lord of Frost. From his frozen keep he threatens the lands and peoples in the shadow of his mountain, bringing low all who come too near. Help is needed to break his hold on the land and end his reign before his power reaches beyond the mountain itself.

The bold know no rest!

A mid-level adventure for a party of 3-6 characters. Play as stand-alone or part of a larger series.