Jägermonsters Poker Deck - EN

Jägermonsters Poker Deck - EN
Brand: Cheapass Games
Product Code: 252CAG
EAN: 823464002522
Category: Cheapass Games
License: Cheapass Games
Language: english
Product Type: Card Game

A brand new poker deck featuring everyone’s favorite hat-obsessed soldiers from award-winning webcomic Girl Genius.

Gameplay Basics for Ricochet Poker:
♠ Includes two versions of a fast-paced poker variant played in rounds. Players ante one coin, and are dealt one card.
♠ Starting with the lowest hand, each player may fold or buy up to four more additional cards for one coin each.
♠ Play continues in a round until all players have folded or maxed out their hand.
♠ The player with the best poker hand wins the round’s pot.

The Jägermonster Poker Deck can also be used to play any traditional card game utilizing a poker deck!

-Officially licensed fan-favorite characters from award-winning webcomic Girl Genius, the Jägers are quirky soliders with sharp teeth and a love of silly hats.
-Includes a brand-new game, but can be used for any traditional game using a poker deck.
-Gorgeous, brand-new illustrations from Phil Foglio and Cheyenne Wright with suits in four different colors.
-Printed in the USA.