Songbirds Launch Kit - EN

Songbirds Launch Kit - EN
Brand: Daily Magic Games
Product Code: DMGSB001LK
Category: Daily Magic Games
License: Daily Magic Games
Language: english
Product Type: Card Game 2

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With the rising sun, the songbirds begin to sing. In this magical forest, the loudest songbirds claim the ripest berries and prime nesting spots. As a forest spirit, you help your favorite songbird color prosper in secret.
Each turn, you’ll place one songbird with a specific volume into the forest. The volume of each songbird will add to those of the same color in rows and columns.
The songbird color with the loudest volume wins the berry token in the respective column or row.
At the end of the game, you reveal the last remaining songbird card in your hand.
This is your favored songbird and you score the points that the songbird color
collected in berry tokens and add in the volume of your favored songbird. The
player with the most points wins the game!

28 Songbird Cards
10 Berry Tokens
4 Berry Holder Cards
2 Special Cards
5 Special Berry Tokens
8 Score Cards
3 Worm Tokens

6 Promo Card Sets:
1 Owl Card
1 Owl Rules Card
1 Shrike Card
1 Shrike Rules Card