PitchCar Extension 1 - EN

PitchCar Extension 1 - EN
Brand: Eagle-Gryphon Games
Product Code: 101149
EAN: 3760093330077
Category: Eagle-Gryphon Games
License: Eagle-Gryphon Games
Language: english
Product Type: Board Game

You'll create a vast number of tracks with weird new pieces. Challenge your sense of accuracy with the chicane. Hug a bend to pass your opponents or take the outer path with double-trajectory curves. Fly over the track thanks to the two springboards (provided with a bridge and a tunnel, only in the PitchCar box).


Two straight pieces for crossroads
Four "tight" curves (with two sets of railings)
One "bottlenecking" curved rail straightaway
Two small jumps, with bridge and track piece to use as jumping-crossroad

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