Caveman Curling - EN

Caveman Curling - EN
Brand: Eagle-Gryphon Games
Product Code: 101318
EAN: 718122565290
Category: Eagle-Gryphon Games
License: Eagle-Gryphon Games
Language: english
Product Type: Board Game & Extension

Be legendary (or not)! You and your team are entered in the very first Caveman Curling Championship. This game is a "muscle sport" (for your index finger! Each team attempts to throw or flick their rocks, one at a time, down the frozen lake. Special objects such as hammers, which allow the rocks to be moved after the throw, and totems, which protect a thrown rock from being moved, add an extra layer of strategy to the game. The game has only a few very simple rules: 1) Throw (finger flick) your rock, aiming for the center of the firepit on the other side of the frozen lake; 2) Then move your rock with a Stone Age hammer, or protect it with one of your clan's totems; 3) At the end of the round, the player or team closest to the center of the hut scores points. The first team or player to score six points wins! Featuring wonderfully whimsical art, great quality wood bits and a unique playing surface, this is a finger-flicking, fun-filled game for the whole family!

Game Components:
1 unique and wonderfully illustrated roll out board

2 slammers

12 "rocks" (wooden discs), 6 in each of the 2 colors

12 special objects which include: 4 big hammers, 4 little hammers, and 4 totems split between the 2 colors

1 set of rules