Age of Steam - EN

Age of Steam - EN
Brand: Eagle-Gryphon Games
Product Code: 101160
EAN: 0
Category: Eagle-Gryphon Games
License: Eagle-Gryphon Games
Language: english
Product Type: Board Game & Extension

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AGE OF STEAM--The Best Railroad Game of All-Time! Age of Steam 2009: The classic and original version is now back in print and looks better than ever! Since its first release in 2002, Age of Steam has been the highest-rated Railroad Game on the BoardGameGeek list of 4,835 rated games. Age of Steam currently ranks Number 12 on this list of the all-time best games available in the world. This new edition supports 36 expansions which have been created over the past 6 years for this game--testimony to its amazing popularity!

1 Game Board
1 Goods/Action Display
1 Income Track Display
8 Town Discs (white)
136 Hexagonal Track Tiles
8 Hexagonal New City Tiles (1 red, 1 blue, 1 purple, 1 yellow, 4 black)
96 Goods cubes (20 red, 20 blue, 20 purple, 20 yellow, 16 black)
6 sets track ownership Locomotives (20 each of red, blue, yellow, purple, green, black)
6 sets of player discs (5 each of red, blue, yellow, purple, green, black) red, blue, yellow, purple, green, black)
40 $1 Bills
40 $5 Bills
10 $10 Bills
1 Turn Track Marker
6 dice
1 Black Cloth Bag