Tanks: The Modern Age Starter Set - M1 vs T-64 - EN

Tanks: The Modern Age Starter Set - M1 vs T-64 - EN
Brand: Gale Force Nine
Product Code: MTANKS01
EAN: 9420020240346
Category: Gale Force Nine
License: Tanks
Language: english
Product Type: Board Game & Extension

TANKS: The Modern Age is an easy-to-learn, quick-play, small-scale game, where you take command of a Tank Platoon, seeking to destroy your opponent’s tanks and secure victory.
TANKS is a flexible game with lots of ways to create a finely-tuned platoon that fits your play style.
The game is fast and furious, do-or-die. In an hour, you can pick your tanks and crew, upgrade them to your specifications, defeat your enemy (or die trying), and be ready for the rematch!

1x 28-page Rulebook
1x Plastic M1 Abrams Tank
2x Plastic T-64 Tanks
12x Dice
2x Measuring Arrows
6x Cardboard Terrain Pieces
41x Tank Cards
69x Damage, Crew, and Upgrade Cards
61x Tokens

Models supplied unpainted and require assembly. Glue and paint not included. Contents may vary.