Blackfire Acrylic Sleeves Display

Blackfire Acrylic Sleeves Display
Brand: ADC Blackfire Entertainment GmbH
Product Code: BF09725
EAN: 4251456409725
Category: Blackfire Specials
License: ADC Blackfire Entertainment GmbH
Product Type: Sleeves

An adjustable Sleeves Display for all Blackfire Sleeves packs.
Dividers can be taken out to get enough space for 80-Sleeves-Packs.

Can keep up to 40 big Sleeves Packs (80 Sleeves) or 80 regular Sleeve Packs (50 or 60 Sleeves). The sleeves are presented in 4 levels.

Made from solid HDF and transparent acrylic material. Needs to be assembled.
The price of this item will be credited if your order quantity in Blackfire Sleeves reaches 500 € within 12 months.