Defenders of the Realm: Hero Expansion #5 - EN

Defenders of the Realm: Hero Expansion #5 - EN
Brand: Eagle-Gryphon Games
Product Code: 101805
EAN: 609456647403
Category: Eagle-Gryphon Games
License: Eagle-Gryphon Games
Language: english
Product Type: Board Game & Extension

“Sire, the war is not going well. We need to move you and the Queen from Monarch City as quickly as possible. Now is not the time to flee, but rather the time to fight! The King announced as he looked each of his advisors one by one in the eyes. Send fast riders to all corners of the Realm, seeking more heroes to come to our aid. Call for the Captain of the Guard and have him gather his elite troops—we will stand against these invaders. Monarch City shall not fall!”

Hero Expansion #5 comes with three new Heroes with matching Character Cards Mariner, Bard & Centaur (Unpainted) who have come to help defend Monarch City; each with special powers.