Wargames Illustrated Issue 373 November Edition 2018 - EN

Wargames Illustrated Issue 373 November Edition 2018 - EN
Brand: Warlord Games
Product Code: WI373
EAN: 26385
Category: Books, Comics & Mangas
License: Warlord Games
Language: english
Product Type: Gamebook

Observation Post
A special look at what we ‘Spotted At’…the Colours show in Newbury, UK, plus a close up on what was in the cabinets at the last Warlord Open Day!

Theme: Polish Thunder
Colonel (Retd.) Bill Gray looks at the impact of the Husaria on the tabletop battlefield.

Black Powder Second Edition: A Fanboy’s Eye View
Steve Wood, ardent fan of the Black Powder rules, takes a critical look at what’s new and worth noting in the new edition.

Different Scale, Same Passion
Some hardened campaigners discuss the relative merits of bringing their experience as re-enactors to the tabletop and vice versa.

Theme: The Polish Legion 1795 - 1815
Military historian Vincent Rospond charts the rise of the Polish Legion during the period of the Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars.

Modelling: Distressing Your MDF Buildings
Following the success of his recent three part series on painting and modelling with MDF buildings, we asked Gary Faulkner to “give us more!” and he has obliged...

Theme: Company Profile Wargamer Studios
The team behind the popular By Fire and Sword rules tell us about their plans and provide an insight into their company.

Reimagining The Crusades - Part 4 - The Troop Types
The latest installment in author Steve Tibble’s quest to bring a more accurate Crusade to the world of wargaming.

Theme: The Polish Legion 1914 - 1920
Vincent Rospond continues the story of the Polish Legion, focusing on their service during WWI and its aftermatch.

Designer’s Notes +: Sons of Mars
A close look at the ideas behind the creation of this gladiatorial combat game, plus some exclusive new rules content.

Theme: 303 Squadron
In this article Dom Sore discusses the contribution made by this unit of Polish exiles in the defence of Britain and their efforts to hit back at Germany.

Wargames at the Edge of Apocalypse
Paul Leach takes us to the edge of Apocalypse and beyond.

Theme: The Poles at Monte Cassino
Dom Sore looks at the contribution made by Polish troops during the bloody assaults at Cassino during WWII.

Painting an Iroquois Warrior
Bob Murch of the marvellous Pulp Figures provides some guidelines for getting the best from these new figures that support the Flint and Feather ruleset.

Designer’s Notes: Last Days
Ash Baker takes us through his motivations and the design ideas of his recently released Osprey zombie game.

Model Soldiers, Modern Opera & Trench Warfare
Dicky Boyd discusses an educational project for children which used wargaming and operatic music to convey the realities of World War One.

Wargamers’ Spaces
David Bickley shows us his small but beautifully formed converted garage come wargames room.