FFG - Undercity: Android Novella - EN

FFG - Undercity: Android Novella - EN
Brand: Fantasy Flight Games
Product Code: FFGNAD10
EAN: 9781633443495
Category: Fantasy Flight Games
License: Fantasy Flight Games
Language: english
Product Type: Gamebook

Javier Zamora used to be a real journalist, with all the perks of working for NBN. Now, he vids scandalous, fringe, and downright disgusting content for a less mainstream corner of the Net. His stories draw an audience, at least enough to fund his life in the undercity. Or they used to. When Zamora stumbles on evidence of a serial killer stalking the undercity, he thinks it might be his ticket back to journalistic respect—or a steady revenue stream. But as the investigation draws him into a sordid world of underground cage fights and blackmail scams, the notorious Los Scorpiones gang warns him to drop the story. Faced with the choice between abandoning the story of his career or antagonizing a dangerous criminal cartel, Zamora must tread carefully if he wants to keep his creds, his life, and maybe even his integrity.Explore the dark center of the Android universe in Undercity, a new novella by Richard Lee Byers! Experience a thrilling story as Javier Zamora risks life-and-limb to find the perfect story, and supplement your Genesys roleplaying games with the new adversaries, weapons, and other content found inside this book.

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