Quarriors! - Qultimate Quedition - EN

Quarriors! - Qultimate Quedition - EN
Brand: WizKids/NECA
Product Code: WZK73658
EAN: 634482736586
Category: WizKids/NECA
License: Quarriors
Language: english
Product Type: Card Game 2

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Quirktarious Qwellingston here again after a quopping 4 whole years with some fantastic Quarriors news! Quarriors Qultimate Quedition will be entering the market soon and will be qomprised of the Quarriors Base Game, all expansions, and all promos (including the never-before-printed Ghost of X-Mas Past, Present, and Future)!

Quarriors is (still!) a fast-paced game of hexahedron monster combat where you must strategically balance your options each turn to earn more glory than your opponent (and this Qultimate Quedition maximizes your options)! Will you play with the original game, or will you mix in the expansions for more quarrelsome quarry? Roll dice, summon creatures, capture Quarry, avoid the devastating corruption, go on quizzical quests, fight for the forces of light or dark, outmaneuver your opponents, become the champion of Quaridia, and gain the attention of Empress Quiana today with Quarriors Qultimate Quedition!

Quarriors Qulatimate Quedition Quincludes:

340 Custom Dice
211 Cards (Spells and Creatures and Quests! Oh my!)
1 Double-Sided Glory Tracker
4 Glory Markers
4 Quest Markers
4 Felt Dice Bigs
1 Rulebook

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