1500m - EN/SP

1500m - EN/SP
Brand: Lucky Loser
Product Code: 27898
EAN: 8425402278987
Category: Various
License: Various
Language: multilingual
Product Type: Board Game

In this game, you‘re one of the 8 runners
participating in a 1.500 m race, the most famous
track& field distance in Olympic games.
1.500 m has a luck-free movement system with
euro mechanics (bidding and management).
Players always choose how much they advance
in every turn, but they´ll have to manage their
100 mental strenght points all over the race.
A strategic racing game where every turn is
different from each other because bids are involved.
Using your strategy correctly and knowing when
to risk, you can become the next champion of the distance.


32 movement cards with values from 8 to 11 in
eight different colors
64 extra action bid card with values from 1 to 8
in eight different colors
8 runners in eight different colors
24 wooden cubes in eight different colors
4 movement cards for robot runners
1 Boardgame
1 Finish line template
1 Wooden marker for lap track
2 Rulebook (english and spanish)