Way of the Fighter - Fighter Pack: Mbiraru Vs Ying Pei - EN

Way of the Fighter - Fighter Pack: Mbiraru Vs Ying Pei - EN
Brand: Ninja Division Publishing
Product Code: NJD040202
EAN: 841822102134
Category: Ninja Division Publishing
License: Ninja Division Publishing
Language: english
Product Type: Card Game

Way of the Fighter is an expandable card game that captures the look andfeeling of an arcade-style fighting game. It’s simple. Two challengers, one arena, and all out close-quarters mayhem! The game primarily involves bluffing, resource management, and tactical positioning.

This fighter pack includes a complete set of actions for Mbiraru and Ying Pei, along with their fighter standees. In addition to the two new fighters, this pack includes two complete sets of actions for the Choke technique belonging to the Wrestle style and the External technique belonging to the Chi style.

Over a period of twelve intense turns, each player will control a fighter’s movement, manage the fighter’s energy, and decide on what actions to have the fighter perform against the opposing challenger. The game continues until one fighter is knocked out, or the time runs out; at which point one fighter will be declared the Champion!

Train hard, throw down, and travel the Way of the Fighter!

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