Mutant: Year Zero Zone Compendium 4: The Eternal War - EN

Mutant: Year Zero Zone Compendium 4: The Eternal War - EN
Brand: Modiphius Entertainment
Product Code: MUH051113
EAN: 9781912200511
Category: Modiphius Entertainment
License: Modiphius Entertainment
Language: english
Product Type: Gamebook

Slowly the robot boots up again. It feels the circuits wake up, system after system coming online. Recharging and repairs are complete. The robot runs a quick diagnostic scan of its key functions. 73% capacity. It will have to do. The order must be completed. The robot draws its laser rifle and assumes a firing stance, bracing the rifle on a rusty beam, scarred by enemy fire. The robot scans the darkness. Large drone cranes hang from the ceiling above like huge claws. Rusty old submarines rest silently in the black waters below.

“Unit KAN-738 reports. Day 7 298. The operation continues. The enemy must be destroyed”

This Zone Compendium for Mutant: Year Zero and Mutant: Mechatron includes four exciting Special Zone Sectors:

The Eternal War. Robot fights in an underground duel without end
Fort Robot. An abandoned Wild West themed amusement park from the Old Age has new, artificial inhabitants.
Northbay, Nandeep 23. The alert from the ancient farming facility was short:
WARNING! Nano contamination!
The Robot Factory. Thick smoke rises from the smokestacks of the old dilapidated factory in the Zone. Who Moved in?