Crypt - EN

Crypt - EN
Brand: Road to Infamy Games
Product Code: RTICR001
EAN: 860421002409
Category: Various
License: Various
Language: english
Product Type: Card Game 2

The king is dead!
Instead of bequeathing family heirlooms to you and his other children, the king’s last wish was to be laid to rest with all of his prized possessions. Feeling cheated and betrayed, you round up your most loyal servants to help you break into the royal crypt and claim what is rightfully yours, only to find your siblings had the same idea.
In Crypt, players send servants into the crypt chambers to pilfer the best treasure. While your servants will unquestioningly do your bidding, grave robbing is exhausting work!

Each die represents a Servant while the values on the dice represent the Servants’ effort. The higher the number, the more aggressively the Servant will ward off your siblings’ cohorts, but it also increases the odds that the Servant will become exhausted. When a roll is equal to or less than the effort, the die is lost.
Allocate your Servants onto the Treasure cards and choose any value on the die to designate each Servant’s effort. You can place multiple dice on the same card as long as the dice have the same value.
You can also push out your siblings’ Servants by placing dice with values exceeding the occupying Servants’ total effort.

48 Treasure cards, 6 Collector cards, 12 dice