South China Sea - EN

South China Sea - EN
Brand: Compass Games
Product Code: 1050
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Category: Compass Games
License: Compass Games
Language: english
Product Type: Board Game & Extension

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South China Sea(SCS) provides an integrated political-military simulation of near futurecontention and conflict around the South China Sea. Players take on the roles of China, theUnited States, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Vietnam. They simulate current politicaltensions through card play and structured negotiation keyed to real world events in an effort to"move the needle" to their side. Unfortunately, the cards with the greatest chance of movingthat needle, such as Chinese Coast Guard and U.S. Freedom of Navigation Exercise, are alsomost likely to trigger armed conflict. If and when that happens, play transitions to traditionalhex-and-counter format on a map scaled at 45 nautical miles (nmi) per hex and turns of 3-7hours.