A Las Barricadas! - EN

A Las Barricadas! - EN
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On 18 July 1936, various generals in the Spanish army rose up against the governmentof the Second Republic. The failure of the coup as it had been originally planned gaveway to a civil conflict between the defenders of the democratic government and thebackers of the military coup. Machado’s two Spains fought each other for nearly threeyears in a battle which reflected the political and social tensions affecting the world atthat time. From a military point of view, the Spanish Civil War presaged the globalconflict which would soon erupt. In the mid-1930s, military high commands from allover the globe theorized on the possibilities of motorized armies and “lightning war.A las Barricadas!, the first title in theWar Storm Series, is a game that simulates thebattles which took place on the different fronts of the war, at platoon and companylevel. The rules are oriented towards the tactical simulation of combat involvingarmored vehicles, infantry, artillery, and aircraft, and as such are especially suited torepresent almost any 20th century armed conflict as it actually happened.

4 Isomorphic Maps3 Sheets of Counters (2½ of 5/8" and ½ of 3/4")1 Rulebook8 Scenario Cards featuring 16 scenarios2 Charts and Tables Cards2 six-sided dice