Absolute Victory - EN

Absolute Victory - EN
Brand: Compass Games
Product Code: 1040
EAN: 23996
Category: Compass Games
License: Compass Games
Language: english
Product Type: Board Game

Absolute Victory is a simulation of World War II in every actual and possible theater on theentire globe, designed by the Charles S. Roberts Award-winning design team of R. BenMadison and Wes Erni. The armed forces of a hundred different nations battle to control asingle world-wide map whose ‘sliding scale’ gives more detail to areas which saw historicalfighting (such as Europe and the Pacific islands). A revolutionary mode-based land combatsystem models the real decisions and objectives of high level commanders. Players will beimmersed in the geostrategic maelstrom of WWII through more than 2,500 carefullyresearched random events including diplomatic efforts, unconventional warfare, techbreakthroughs, and the conflicting aims of world leaders on every level.


4 Maps covering the entire globe and Antarctic theater5 Countersheets 9/16" military unit counters – total 1,140 (single sided)2 sheets of small (1/2”) markers and random event chits - total 560 (single sided)2 rules booklets (one Game System rulebook; one Regional rulebook)2 events booklets, with over 2,500 randomized historical events from WWII14 Player aid and display sheets – mixture of color and black and white4 Dice – 2d6 and 2d101 Full-color box and lid set