Blackfire Playmat Tube - Clear

Blackfire Playmat Tube - Clear
Brand: ADC Blackfire Entertainment GmbH
Product Code: BF04355
EAN: 4251456404355
Category: Blackfire Playmats
License: ADC Blackfire Entertainment GmbH
Product Type: Various

Looking for an elegant and safe place to store and transport your playmat? Let us introduce the Blackfire Playmat Tubes!
Available in 5 different colours, this durable, transparent tube comes with a length of 38cm and a diameter of 6cm to keep both stitched and unstitched playmats safe and secure.
The triangular shape avoids the tube from rolling around at the table.
The lid is made out of a flexible rubber material and can be easily taken off, whilst still creating a tight seal to prevent the playmat from falling out unwantedly, even in high pressure situations.
The Tube is made from durable PVC and has a reinforced base to withstand pressure.