Supervillain. This Galaxy Is Mine! - EN

Supervillain. This Galaxy Is Mine! - EN
Brand: Moroz Publishing
Product Code: 35284
EAN: 602573528440
Category: Various
License: Various
Language: english
Product Type: Card Game

Supervillain. This Galaxy Is Mine! is an intense card strategy inspired by all the sci-fi worlds put together and fueled with frenzied humor.
Superheroes vanished. Now you and other Villains are struggling for control over the Galaxy. You build Secret Facilities to gain supreme powers. You launch Asteroids to bring chaos and destruction to planets of other Villains. Finally, you use billions of devoted Minions — your construction force and invaluable resource for covert operations!
Your key objective is to commit villainous deeds – launch asteroids to planets of other Villains, assign loyal Minions to build Secret Facilities and perform special operations, and, of course, laugh at others’ faults, plot intrigues, and behave in accordance with your evil nature.
Each player becomes a Villain. You have to overcome other Villains and conquer the Galaxy! To achieve this, you use two universal card decks. Each card in the game may be used in multiple ways!
The first deck is the Domination deck. First, you can take a Domination card and launch it as an Asteroid to another Villain. The Asteroid would disrupt his plans and possibly kill his Minions. Next, if you charge your Asteroid (using special Minion cards), it can blow up just everything!
Or you may take a Domination card as a Project to build! Any Project has a minor ability. Upon completion, the Project transforms into a Secret Facility and its main ability comes into effect!
The second deck is the Minion deck. You command millions of millions of loyal Minions. They are not too smart — but devoted and diligent.
You can use a Minion card in two ways. First, you may put it on your Project as a Minion Mob to build it. Or you can discard it as Minion Ops to perform a special operation! For instance, you may shoot down or charge an Asteroid, destroy a Mob or a Project, increase the building capabilities of your Minion Mobs and so on!
Secret Facilities bring you Domination points. A Villain who has acquired 5 Domination points immediately becomes the Supervillain and is proclaimed the Emperor of the Galaxy. And wins the game as well.
Each card in the game is unique and may be used in multiple ways, thus, allowing for infinite combinations. So, you have zillions of different ways to achieve the victory! Outwit other Villains, gain enough Domination points, and be proclaimed the Supervillain of the Galaxy!

* 48 Domination cards
* 43 Minion cards
* 4 Reference cards
* 12 Asteroid-proof tokens
* 4 Charge tokens
* Game rules​

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