Village Attacks: Rage & Avarice - EN

Village Attacks: Rage & Avarice - EN
Brand: Grimlord Games
Product Code: VA-RAA
EAN: 700461881575
Category: Close out
License: Grimlord Games
Language: english
Product Type: Board Game & Extension

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"From distant lands across the waves come a demonic warrior hunter and a cannibal monstrosity. The Baykok and Wendigo have arrived in the castle, but they have been hunted across the world by the Wind Dancer and Spirit Tracker! The Rage & Avarice add on contains the Baykok (Demon) and Wendigo (Cursed) Monsters and the Wind Dancer (Demon) and Spirit Tracker (Cursed) Town Heroes. Includes: 2x Monster miniatures
2x Town Hero miniatures
2x Monster dashboards
2x Town Hero tokens
6x Monster Ability tokens"