Roubloff Fine-Art Brush - 101F-0 Detail (5 Pcs)

Roubloff Fine-Art Brush - 101F-0 Detail (5 Pcs)
Brand: Roubloff
Product Code: 101F-0
EAN: 2607069724212
Category: Brushes
License: Roubloff
Product Type: Supplies

Roubloff art brushes are very fine and high quality professional brushes. 100% finest artists kolinsky (red sable hair) brush with seamless gold-plated ferrule. This brush is especially made for small detail work such as miniature or model painting. Available Sizes: 00 / 0 / 1 / 2. The special handle is very comfortable. The selected kolinsky hair (red sable hair) has a high degree of elasticity, an excellent paint pick-up and a great ability to paint evenly again and again.