Dragoborne: Rise to Supremacy Trial Deck - Mystical Hunters - EN

Dragoborne: Rise to Supremacy Trial Deck - Mystical Hunters - EN
Brand: Bushiroad
Product Code: DB-TD02-EN
EAN: 8885009403647
Category: Dragoborne TCG
License: Bushiroad
Language: english
Product Type: TCG

A skilled hunter does not simply leap forward without a plan. The best huntsmen are patient and careful, lest they engage a prey they cannot hope to take down. Analyze the target, prepare for all scenarios... then can you lose yourself to the thrill of the hunt.

[Mystical Hunters] is a strategic deck that rewards players for planning their turns and plays. Lull your opponents into a false sense of security, then counter-attack swiftly!

The [Mystical Hunters] Trial Deck comes with everything a player needs to start the game, including a 53-card deck, 3 dice, a paper playmat, and a rulebook. In addition, the first edition of [Mystical Hunters] will come with a PR card, and some decks will include a holo parallel PR card instead!

1 pre-constructed trial deck contains 53 pre-set cards/ 1 display contains 6 decks
21 types of cards (6 trial deck exclusives, inclusive of 6 holo cards)
Rulebook, playmat and 3 dice (blue, yellow, green) are included.
1 PR card will be included in each trial deck, with a chance to receive a holo PR card instead!!

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NameEANItem IDUnitPrice
Case 48 x Product = 1 Case
Display 6 x Product = 1 Display