Castlecards - EN/SP

Castlecards - EN/SP
Brand: Distridigital
Product Code: BGCASTTLE
EAN: 647297430174
Category: Various
License: Various
Language: multilingual
Product Type: Card Game

Attack the walls, build siege weapons, explore the dungeons and prepare your strategy on this fast paced card game.

Destroy the enemy castles to win the game.

Each player starts with a castle card, protected by 3 wall cards. A castle can't be attacked until you destroy their walls (unless you get an assault card).

The Castle & Walls defense is represented by shields. To destroy a card you need to attack with more swords than shields.

You can attack with several cards, gathering soldiers, bowmen, siege weapons and so. Your enemy can avoid your attack using Academy cards (strategies to reduce the damage taken).

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