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Dystopian Wars: Akula Battlefleet Set - EN
Flagship of the Black Wolf Mercenary Fleet and commanded by the charismatic Volodymyr Nikonov, the D...
Release Date: 31.10.2022
Order Deadline: 20.10.2022
Dystopian Wars: Alliance Frontline Squadrons - EN
The Chevalier cruisers and Charlemagne heavy cruiser are the mainstay of Alliance cruisers and are a...
Dystopian Wars: Alliance Levant Squadrons - EN
The mainstay of the Levant style of ships is the Chasseur Levant Strike Cruiser. Their ability to so...
Dystopian Wars: Anatolia Battlefleet Set - EN
Designed to replace the bulky and antiquated Fettah class battleships, the Anatolia Heavy Battlecrui...
Dystopian Wars: Archimedes Battlefleet Set - EN
The architects of the Dystopian Age, the Covenant of the Enlightened wield their formidable intellec...
Release Date: 14.10.2022
Order Deadline: The deadline has passed and we might not be able to fulfill your preorder after this point.
Dystopian Wars: Black Wolf Battlefleet Set - EN
Black Wolf is the nickname of the former Russian Commonwealth submariner and Commander of the protot...
Dystopian Wars: Borodino Battlefleet Set - EN
The main warhorse of the Commonwealth Naval warmachine is the Borodino Class Battleship. These vesse...
Dystopian Wars: Britannia Battlefleet Set - EN
The Britannia class Heavy Battleship is a testament to the might of the Crown and symbol of power in...
Dystopian Wars: British Crown Support Squadrons - EN
While the Frontline Squadrons of the Crown Navy are used to going toe-to-toe with enemy fleets, the ...
Dystopian Wars: Commonwealth Frontline Squadrons - EN
Tempered by revolution, civil war and failed conquests; forged in the fires of invasion and the mind...
Dystopian Wars: Commonwealth Support Squadrons - EN
Typically accompanying the Flagships of the Commonwealth are support squadrons of cruisers and Stole...
Dystopian Wars: Constitution Battlefleet Set - EN
During the Ore War the Union was forced to evolve into a nation that heavily industrialised the manu...
Dystopian Wars: Crown Frontline Squadrons - EN
The most common vessel and backbone of the Crown fleet is the Albion Cruiser. This dependable ship i...
Dystopian Wars: Descartes Battlefleet Set - EN
The Covenant of the Enlightened see themselves as both pioneers and the leading authority in the sph...
Dystopian Wars: Elector Battlefleet Set - EN
The Imperium warmachine is built upon a single concept - efficiency. Having the right weaponry for a...
Dystopian Wars: Empire Frontline Squadrons - EN
The Navy of the Celestian Empire is the brainchild of Empress Shinzua, who as Speaker of the fleets ...
Dystopian Wars: Enlightened Frontline Squadrons - EN
The architects of the Dystopian Age, the Covenant of the Enlightened wield their formidable intellec...
Dystopian Wars: Enlightened Support Squadrons - EN
The support ships that escort the Flagship vessels of the Enlightened Fleets fill some very speciali...
Dystopian Wars: Enterprise Battlefleet Set - EN
As the Union pushed out into the Pacific and Atlantic, it required significant air power to support ...
Dystopian Wars: Hochmeister Battlefleet Set - EN
The Hochmeister is a mechanical marvel crewed by Teutonic Knight-Luminaries. These Vitruvian colossi...