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Kings of War - Goblin: Sharpstick Thrower - EN
Goblins rarely miss the chance to hurt their enemy from a distance, so there are always plenty of vo...
Kings of War - Goblin: Slasher - EN
A king’s most trusted, most skilled and experienced Snaggits are sent into a Slasher’s c...
Kings of War - Goblin: Support Pack - Mawpup Launcher - EN
The Mawpup Launcher is a crude but effective way of causing havoc among the enemy warband.
Kings of War - Goblin: Support Pack - Winggit - EN
Noisily flapping above the action, the Winggit is armed with dangerous explosives and shouts out ene...
Kings of War - Goblin: War-Trombone - EN
The Goblin War-trombone contains 1 metal Goblin War-Trombone with Crew from Mantic Games, for your f...
Kings of War - Goblin: Wiz - EN
Even among the skittish and manic goblins, a wiz is considered a little odd. Their grasp of magic is...
Kings of War - Goblin: Wiz on Mawbeast - EN
As if a goblin wiz wasn’t already unpredictable and dangerous enough, some decide to ride into...
Kings of War - Goblins: Giant
A giant is a huge humanoid, a veritable mountain of bone, sinew, and
Kings of War - Goblins: Handler and Mawbeast - EN
This set contains 1 Metal Magwa and Joo’s from Mantic Games, for your fantasy battle wargames ...
Kings of War - Goblins: Troll Bruiser - EN
Bruisers are the biggest and meanest of their kind, employed by Orc armies to keep their lesser kin ...
Kings of War - Goblins: Trolls - EN
Trolls are large, feral humanoids of dim wits and insatiable appetite – perfect allies for the...
Kings of War - Halfing: Muster Captain on Aralez
Each Shire has a ‘Muster Captain’ who inspects and controlls the trained bands in their ...
Kings of War - Halfling: Army - EN
The Halflings have split from the League of Rhordia. While relations have been rebuilt, the Shirefol...
Kings of War - Halfling: Battlegroup - EN
The Trained Bands are the most common troops in the Shire Army. Many so-called Braves that are draft...
Kings of War - Halfling: Heroes - EN
1 Sauceror, 1 Greedyguts, 1 Feastmaster
Kings of War - Halfling: Howitzer - EN
Following their membership of the League, some gunpowder artillery is also used by both the Shire ar...
Kings of War - Halfling: Iron Beast - EN
Originally conceived by the dwarfs as their Steel Behemoth, the concept of an Iron Beast was later b...
Kings of War - Halfling: Mega Army - EN
While the halflings do love the pleasures of life, they are willing to go to great lengths to protec...