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Infinity: Nyoka Assault Troops - EN
These soldiers have survived the hell on earth that was the Vifaru Wars and, after going through tha...
Infinity: O-12 Action Pack - EN
O-12 is an international representational and governing body, evolved from the UN, but with greater ...
Infinity: O-12 D20 Dice Set (set of 5 D20)
Set of five 20-sided dice, of the Tohaa Army
Infinity: O-12 Support Pack - EN
The Lambda Engineers Battalion is responsible for repairing what others have destroyed. The Lambda e...
Infinity: O-Yoroi Pilot - EN
This is the TAG Pilot for the O-Yoroi Kidobutai of the Japanese Secessionist Army.
Infinity: Orc Troops - EN
This box includes 4 miniatures to add the best Heavy Infantry has to offer to your PanOceania army: ...
Infinity: Overdron Batroids - EN
An Infinity unit box for the Combined Army containing one Overdron and two TinBots, which provide an...
Infinity: Padre-Inquisidor Mendoza (MULTI Rifle)
Father-Inquisitor Mendoza, the crusader of the Faith, the flame of the Lord punishing with His fire ...
Infinity: PanOceania Headquarters Pack - EN
Armies: PanOceania / Military Orders / Svalarheima WinterFor
Infinity: PanOceania Military Orders 300 Pt. Pack - EN
Without a doubt this is a truly spectacular box, ideal to start an Infinity army with ten incredible...
Infinity: PanOceania Support Pack - EN
Machinists are always ready to make repairs on the spot and keep all those killing machines running ...
Infinity: PanOceanian Black Friars (MULTI Rifle) - EN
The Black Friars are the thin black line that separates Good from the Evil. They are perfect for mis...
Infinity: Paradiso Planet Book - EN
We have fun, games and the bloodiest war in the Human Sphere! One of the most fertile planets known,...
Infinity: Parvati, Circle League Star (Submachine gun)
A true Aristeia! star is not afraid of a challenge. So, once again, standing before the abyss of obs...
Infinity: Penthesilea Amazon Biker Special Edition - EN
Once more Infinity is revving their motors! This new version of Penthesilea, ALEPH’s Steel Pha...
Infinity: Pneumarch of the Ur Hegemony (High Value Target) - EN
The needed HVT for the Combined Army. Thanks to this incredible miniature, the most feared army of t...
Infinity: Posthumans, 2G Proxies - EN
It is said that Post-humans are the next step in Mankind's evolution. Beings that live in cyber...
Infinity: Probots
This unit currently represents significant advances in vehicular design and embodies a new technical...