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Infinity - Model Color Set: Infinity Shasvastii Exclusive Miniature
This set allows you to own the eight colors necessary to paint the models belonging to the Shasvasti...
Infinity - Model Color Set: Infinity Yu Jing (+ exlusive miniature) - EN
This set allows you to own all the necessary colors to paint the models belonging to the Yu Jing Arm...
Infinity - Monstruckers (Submachine Gun) - EN
The Monstrucks, the colossal road trains that travel along the Sahm Highway, are fully automated veh...
Infinity - Mówáng Troops (MULTI Rifle/ Red Fury) - EN
This blister includes one Mówáng with two weapon options, MULTI Rifle and Red Fury. Th...
Infinity - Nahab Aeromobile Team - EN
They do not call us “Nahab,” marauders and predators, by accident; it’s an earned ...
Infinity - O-12 D20 Dice Set
Box with a set of 5 dice, 20-sided, from the O-12 faction.
Infinity - Pack ITS (Season 11) & exclusive miniature - EN
In this season, the Infinity community will be able to test their competitive skills. Players will f...
Infinity - Pavel Aleksei McMannus, Spetsgruppa C (Ojótnik) - EN
As an infiltration specialist, he is an expert at sneaking into places where he shouldn’t be a...
Infinity - Puppetactica Company - EN
This box includes four miniatures: One Puppet Master Hacker with Submachine Gun and three PuppetBots...
Infinity - Salvora Governmental Complex - EN
Sálvora Governmental Complex Scenery Pack includes a new ready-to-play double-sided 3mm print...
Infinity - Shasvastii Cadmus (Hacker) - EN
The Cadmus are the pinnacle of malleability, able to scan any enemy trooper nearby and copy their ca...
Infinity - Soldiers Of Fortune - EN
The most badass group you are going to find. Señor Massacre, a mercenary who shoots and cuts ...
Infinity - Streloks, Kazak Reconnaissance Unit (Boarding Shotgun) - EN
This blister includes one Strelok with Boarding Shotgun A great addition to complete your Ariadna fo...
Infinity - Tai Sheng, Zúyŏng Invincibles NCO (Breaker Rifle) - EN
I want to help forge Yu Jing’s destiny. And I’m not afraid, because I know I’m not...
Infinity - Tartary Army Corps Action Pack - EN
Tartary, the wild western region of Ariadna is one of the most dangerous and hostile territories on ...
Infinity Aïda Swanson, Submondo Smuggler (Submachine Gun) - EN
Aïda Swanson, the specter of clandestine networks that move material and people, is the most re...
Infinity ALEPH OperationS Action Pack - EN
Who can possibly know what ALEPH thinks? Its representatives will tell you that, for the AI, the Sph...
Infinity CodeOne Rules - EN
One hundred and eighty years in the future, humanity has spread through the stars, but internal tens...
Infinity CodeOne Rules - SP
One hundred and eighty years in the future, humanity has spread through the stars, but internal tens...