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Battlefield in a Box - Toxic Pools
Contains three Toxic Pools, one large, one medium and one small. Perfect to represent any sort of to...
Battlefield In A Box - Train Station
Pre-painted Battlefield in a Box Train Station.
Battlefield In A Box - Train Tracks
Includes eight pre-painted Straight 12”/30cm train track sections, one packet of GF9 'Gre...
Battlefield In A Box - Train Tracks Expansion
includes six 6” / 15cm Pre-painted Train Track sections, two Buffer Stops, one packet of Green...
Battlefield in a Box - Tree Lines (x4)
Tree lines are a great way to block lines of sight across the tabletop as well as providing some sha...
Battlefield In A Box - Trench Lines
Includes 32"/80cm of Pre-painted Trenchlines & two packets of GF9 Static Grass.
Battlefield In A Box - Trenchline System
contains a 4’/120cm Pre-painted Trenchline System
Battlefield In A Box - Village Walls
Contains 29" / 70cm of pre-painted Village Walls & one Fountain.
Battlefield In A Box - Vineyards
With eight vineyard rows, two vineyard fields and one packet of Green Static Grass.
Order Deadline: The deadline has passed and we might not be able to fulfill your preorder after this point.
Battlefield in a Box Terrain - Large Pine Wood
Large Pine Wood contains two pre-painted forest terrain bases, five large tree stands, five large mo...
Battlefield in a Box Terrain - Large Rocky Hill
Large Rocky Hill contains one pre-painted terrain piece and a small bag of Hobby Scenics Green Stati...