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Revell: AC/DC Tour Truck 3D Puzzle - 128pc
With AC/DC on the "Highway to Hell"! The Tour Truck with trailer in the design of the mega...
Revell: Brandenburger Tor-30th Anniversary German Reunion 3D Puzzle - 150pc
Over centuries the Brandenburg Gate in the heart of Berlin has often been the scene of historical Ge...
Revell: Cologne Cathedral 3D Puzzle - 179pc
The Cologne Cathedral is the cathedral of the city of Cologne and one of its landmarks. It is 157 me...
Revell: Eiffel Tower - LED Edition 3D Puzzle - 84pc
A dream: The Eiffel Tower as an illuminated 3D puzzle!
Revell: Harry Potter - Diagon Alley Set 3D Puzzle
Harry Potter's Diagon Alley™ as a 3D puzzle - everything you need to be a wizard's apprentice!
Revell: Harry Potter - Hogwarts Astronomy Tower 3D Puzzle
Make your wizarding school perfect with the Hogwarts™ Astronomy Tower 3D Puzzle
Revell: Harry Potter - Hogwarts Express Set 3D Puzzle
All aboard! The ride is on with the Hogwarts™ Express 3D Puzzle
Revell: Harry Potter - Hogwarts Great Hall 3D Puzzle
Become a wizard's apprentice with the Hogwarts™ Great Hall 3D Puzzle
Revell: Oper Sydney 3D Puzzle - 30pc
The Sydney Opera House is one of the most striking and famous buildings of the 20th century. Its str...
Revell: QUEEN Tour Truck - 50th Anniversary 3D Puzzle - 128pc
In 50 years of band history, Queen created some of the most famous rock anthems in music history and...
Revell: The Eiffel Tower 3D Puzzle - 39pc
The Eiffel Tower in Paris was originally built in 1889 for the World Exhibition and was intended to ...