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Marvel Crisis Protocol - Green Goblin - EN
When industrialist Norman Osborn injected himself with his experimental Goblin Formula, it granted h...
Marvel Crisis Protocol: Amazing Spider-Man & Black Cat - EN
In the years since being bitten by a radioactive spider, Peter Parker’s life has been one cons...
Marvel Crisis Protocol: Angela & Enchantress - EN
Amora the Enchantress has devoted her immortal life to the pursuit of power. One of the most powerfu...
Marvel Crisis Protocol: Ant-Man and Wasp - EN
A good man with a criminal past, when Scott Lang broke into the
Marvel Crisis Protocol: Black Dwarf and Ebony Maw- EN
Marvel: Crisis Protocol – Black Dwarf & Ebony Maw allows you to add two new characters to ...
Marvel Crisis Protocol: Black Panther and Killmonger - EN
King T’Challa is the leader of Wakanda, a technologically advanced nation that houses rich dep...
Marvel Crisis Protocol: Blade & Moon Knight Character Pack - EN
Born while the vampire Deacon Frost fed on his mother, Eric Brooks had a portion of the vampiric con...
Marvel Crisis Protocol: Bullseye and Daredevil - EN
As a boy, Matt Murdock was blinded in an accident involving radioactive chemicals. Though he could n...
Marvel Crisis Protocol: Cable & Domino - EN
Cable, the son of the X-Men leader Cyclops, was sent to the future to save his life when he was infe...
Marvel Crisis Protocol: Captain America & War Machine Character Pack - EN
After the super-soldier serum wore off, Steve Rogers was restored to his natural age. Unable to batt...
Marvel Crisis Protocol: Carnage & Mysterio - EN
Quentin Beck began a life of crime as a frustrated artist. A successful stunt man and special effect...
Marvel Crisis Protocol: Colossus & Magik Character Pack - EN
Superpowered siblings join the X-Men in the Colossus & Magik Character Pack for Marvel: Crisis P...
Marvel Crisis Protocol: Core Set - EN
Marvel: Crisis Protocol is a tabletop hobby miniatures game set in the Marvel Universe. Players asse...
Marvel Crisis Protocol: Corvus Glaive and Proxima Midnight - EN
Devoted members of Thanos’ Black Order, the husband and wife team of Corvus Glaive and Proxima...
Marvel Crisis Protocol: Crashed Sentinel Terrain Pack - EN
Enhance Marvel: Crisis Protocol battlefields with the Crashed Sentinel Terrain Pack! Towering roboti...
Marvel Crisis Protocol: Deadpool & Bob, Agent of Hydra - EN
Welcome to the Deadpool character pack, brought to you by me: the amazing Deadpool! Once terminal ca...
Marvel Crisis Protocol: Dice Pack
This pack contains 10 dice for Marvel: Crisis Protocol to supplement those found in the Marvel: Cris...
Marvel Crisis Protocol: Doctor Strange & Clea Character Pack - EN
Stephen Strange has had many unusual encounters, but none have tested him so much as losing his conn...
Marvel Crisis Protocol: Doctor Voodoo & Hood Character Pack - EN
When Doctor Jericho Drumm returned to his home in Haiti, he discovered his brother had become the Ho...
Marvel Crisis Protocol: Dormammu Ultimate Encounter Character Pack - EN
Expansionset for miniaturesgames Marvel Crisis Protocol, which adds the character Dormammu to the ga...