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Feldherr organizer for Pulsar 2849 - board game box
After mankind has opened the gate to the stars, the wealth of the galaxy is within reach. Various co...
Feldherr Organizer for Wingspan incl. European and Oceania Expansion
If you want to attract birds, feed them and make them breed, you need patience and a steady hand. St...
Feldherr storage box for Star Wars Armada - Wave 1 - 6
Are you the proud owner of a large Star Wars Armada collection and looking for a safe storage soluti...
Feldherr Storage Box FSLB055 for cards and game material - 1650 cards in Standard Card Game Size + token
You finally want to ensure clear conditions among your cards and related game material?
Feldherr Storage Box FSLB150 for Funko POP! - 16 figures
If you want to store your figure collection without boxes, we have a solution for that, too: The pra...
Feldherr storage box FSLB150 for Necromunda
To make sure your (sometimes quite sensitive) gangers don’t get hurt on the way to game night,...
Feldherr Token holder for Great Western Trail - Bank
Feldherr Token Holder for Great Western Trail - Bank