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Feldherr foam set for Munchkin Dungeon - Core Game box
For all Munchkin fans and followers the time of wishing and waiting has come to an end. With Munchki...
Feldherr foam set for Star Wars Legion - base game box
3-piece foam sorting kit for your Star Wars Legion board game box. All components of the Star Wars L...
Feldherr foam set for Star Wars: Legion Clone Wars - Core Box
The end of the Galactic Republic seems to have come. The supremacy of the Separatists, with their hu...
Feldherr foam set for Star Wars: Outer Rim - board game box
The path to fame, glory, and the reputation of a legend is even for the scoundrels at the Outer Rim ...
Feldherr foam set for Star Wars: Rebellion - Rise of the Empire expansion- board game box
This foam tray is specially developed for the expansion „Star Wars: Rebellion – Rise of ...
Feldherr foam set for Starcadia Quest - Core Game box
FH 59972
This time the journey goes to the far future, to be more precise to distant galaxies. Defend the pea...
Feldherr foam set for Sword and Sorcery board game box
This foam tray set for Sword & Sorcery is perfect for the official Sword & Sorcery board gam...
Feldherr foam set for Tang Garden - Base Game box
The Tang Dynasty is considered the Golden Age of Chinese Garden Art. Sit back, be inspired by life i...
Feldherr foam set for Tang Garden: Golden Age + Ghost Stories - board game box
In addition to the Base Game, the Tang Garden Deluxe Bundle gives you additional expansions and stre...
Feldherr foam set for Terraforming Mars - board game box
The time has come for the colonization of the Red Planet to become a reality. You take control of on...
Feldherr foam set for The Lord of the Rings: Journeys in Middle-earth - board game box
A small group of heroes embarks on an adventurous journey through Middle-earth. They are awaited by ...
Feldherr foam set for The Lord of the Rings: Journeys in Middle-earth - Shadowed Paths - board game box
A rumor is spreading in Mirkwood. It is said that giant spiders have infested the forest. Driven by ...
Feldherr foam set for UBOOT The Board Game - box
So that your game materials don’t submerge: Our Feldherr foam set for 'UBOOT The Board Ga...
Feldherr foam set for Warhammer Underworlds: Beastgrave - core game box
At first the the Katophranes' curse was limited only to the city of Shadespire. After the Necro...
Feldherr foam set for Zombicide: Black Ops - board game box
The Black Squad is on a mission in the PK system as it receives a distress call from PK-L7. Followin...
Feldherr foam set for Zombicide: Dark Side - board game box
As part of the Green Squad you get to deal with a new kind of Xenos in "Dark Side", the Dr...
Feldherr foam set for Zombicide: Invader - board game box
Actually, it should be an unspectacular mission on PK-L7. Just a few engineers to protect. Mining a ...
Feldherr foam tray for Dixit - cards and accessories
You don't always want to take the whole Dixit box with you to games night? And then there are t...
Feldherr foam tray for Scythe expansion Invaders from Afar with 14 compartments
Foam tray especially for the original Scythe expansion box Invaders from Afar.
Feldherr foam tray set for Blood Rage - board game box
With this foam tray set you can store all figures and the entire game material of the Blood Rage cor...