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Infinity: Dire Foes Mission Pack 8: Nocturne - EN
Dire Foes missions come back with its 8th edition including the main character from the Outrage comi...
Infinity: Dire Foes Mission Set 9 Datacash - EN
To keep their primacy in the data banking business, Tunguska must sweep aside any competitor, even i...
Infinity: Djanbazan Tactical Group (Sniper) - EN
This specialist troop that is part of the Haqqislam Army. It is a good addition for both defensive a...
Infinity: Djanbazan Tactical Group - EN
An Infinity unit box that provides all the weapons options needed. Now you can compose a Fireteam of...
Infinity: Domaru Butai - EN
High-tech samurai! This box provides all the weapon options you know. The Domaru are Kenjutsu master...
Infinity: Dragon Lady, Imperial Service Judge - EN
Imperial Service judges are high-ranking functionaries in service of the Emperor with an authority t...
Infinity: Dronbot Remotes - EN
Dronbot is an acronym for Drone Robot. These semiautonomous, auxiliary robot units can be highly opt...
Infinity: Druze Shock Teams - EN
This box includes four high quality metal miniatures. This box is a great way to create a Fireteam o...
Infinity: Dynamo Reg. of Kazak Light Cavalry - EN
The Dynamo Reg. Light Cavalry box comes with 2 motorized miniatures to cross the table and infiltrat...
Infinity: Echo Bravo, Fast Intervention Unit (Paramedic) - EN
The Echo-Bravo Unit is the tip of PanOceania’s bullwhip: quick, loud and painful as all Hell, ...
Infinity: Equipe Mirage-5 - EN
Armies: Ariadna / Kosmoflot
Infinity: Fast Offensive Unit Zondnautica - EN
This box includes three miniatures: One Zondnauta with Spitfire mounted on his motorcycle, one dismo...
Infinity: Fat Yuan Yuan Limited Christmas Edition - EN
This Christmas, the Fat Yuan Yuan is prepared to give out the worst gifts at full throttle on his po...
Infinity: Fraacta Drop Unit (REPACKAGING) - EN
The Fraacta are the Combined Army’s elite troops who bring death from the sky, landing behind ...
Release Date: 25.06.2021
Order Deadline: The deadline has passed and we might not be able to fulfill your preorder after this point.
Infinity: Garuda Tactbots (Boarding Shotgun) - EN
An impressive figure that certainly lives up to the fabulous bird, ridden by the Vedic god Vishnu, t...
Infinity: Ghulam Infantry - EN
Not exactly a new release, but a re-sculpt of some previously released models, all updated to the ne...
Infinity: Greif Operators (2 Breaker Pistols) - EN
The war that pits the Tohaa against the Combined Army is constant. Neither side could pass up the dr...
Infinity: Gūijiă Squadron (TAG) - EN
The Gūijiă, the most versatile and heavier TAG of Yu Jing, has been redesigned and re-sculpted. Wi...
Infinity: Haidào Special Support Group (Hacker) - EN
A Hǎidào is required to be able to think and act decisively and determinedly in complex and ...