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Kings of War: Vanguard - Kuzlo and Madfall Mercenary Booster - EN
On the battlefield the combination of Kuzlo's unpredictable magic and Madfall's even more ...
Kings of War: Vanguard - NA Support Pack: Ice Elemental - EN
Ice Elementals are a rarity in Mantica, able to be summoned only in the frozen northern realms. Sust...
Vanguard - Goblin Support Pack: Banggit - EN
Boom! Shake, shake, shake the... battlefield. The Banggit is here to bring some spectacular (and inc...
Vanguard - Goblin Support Pack: Mawpup Launcher - EN
The Mawpup Launcher is a crude but effective way of causing havoc among the enemy warband.
Vanguard - Goblin Support Pack: Snaggit - EN
Snaggits are handy for locking down enemy troops with their traps.
Vanguard - Goblin Warband Set - EN
The Goblin Warband Set is a great starting point for your new Vanguard faction.