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Godtear: Maxen, The Artificer - EN
Unleash the firestorm with Maxen, the Artificer.
Godtear: Raith'Marid, The Rising Tsunami - EN
A powerful disciple of the element that birthed his sire, Raith'Marid is a tidal wave cascading...
Godtear: Rangosh, Scourge of the Broken Plains - EN
SLAYERS are the most familiar type of Champion. They focus on dealing damage to a single target, but...
Godtear: Rattlebone, Prophet of the Ascended Past - EN
The most feared shaman of her people, Rattlebone's reputation allows her safe passage among eve...
Godtear: Rhodri, Thane of the Forsaken Holds - EN
Godtear is a fast-paced, high-action combat game for two players, in which each player takes their w...
Godtear: Styx, Lord of Hounds - EN
Styx uses his Shaper skills to master the battlefield and bend the rules of death, drawing enemies i...
Release Date: 02.08.2021
Order Deadline: 19.07.2021
Godtear: The Borderlands Starter Set - EN
Godtear is a fast-paced, high-action combat game for two players, in which each player takes their w...
Guild Ball - Gameplan Deck - EN
Nobody wearing the mantle of captain comes to a game unprepared. You can take it for granted they&rs...
Guild Ball - Hunter Guild: Captain: Steeljaw - Dark Omen - EN
Only Steeljaw knows why she left the plains. But there is one thing any Hunter worth their pelt know...
Guild Ball - Mortican Guild: Captain Mourn - The Nightmare - EN
A ghoul appeared following the Ferryman’s demise, Mourn bears his grisly fare over sunken eyes...
Guild Ball - The Cook's Guild Dice Pack
Guild Ball - The Cook's Guild Dice Pack.
Guild Ball - The Cook's Guild: Hell's Kitchen - EN
The Cook’s Guild: Hell’s Kitchen, a boxed set featuring the new guild and themed terrain pieces.
Guild Ball - The Cook's Guild: Retail Alternate Sculpt - EN
This is an alternate sculpt of the Guild Captain Wellington in pre-colored resin that collectors and...
Guild Ball - The Faithful: New Beginnings - EN
The low cunning of traitors does not taint the hearts of all who take to the pitch. For each turncoa...