Test of Honour

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Test of Honour - Chōbei's Renegades - EN
Hero to the common man, Banzuiin Chōbei leads a ragtag band of renegades against all those who inti...
Test of Honour - Masked Men - EN
Warrior Monk Masahiro has vowed to fight the injustices of the Japanese clans. He and his followers ...
Test of Honour - Mounted Samurai - EN
Following the murder of her husband, the widow Takeda Naoko dons the armour of a samurai and rides o...
Test of Honour - Pauper Soldiers - EN
Disinherited samurai lord Senzo ‘the Thorn’ leads a group of pauper soldiers, using his ...
Test of Honour - Ronin - EN
The masterless samurai known as ‘ronin’ roam the land as mercenaries and highwaymen. The...
Test of Honour - Samurai Game - EN
Test of Honour is a skirmish wargame played with roughly 5-20 models on each side. Players select th...
Test of Honour - Sōhei Warrior Monk Archers - EN
Blister pack containing metal miniatures.
Test of Honour - Sōhei Warrior Monks of Mount Hiei - EN
Boxed set containing metal miniatures and game accessories.
Test of Honour: Onna-Bugeisha archers - EN
Boxed set containing three metal miniatures and gaming card.
Test of Honour: Onna-Bugeisha with naginata - EN
Blister pack containing three metal miniatures and gaming card.