Kings of War

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Kings of War - Abyssal Dwarf Gargoyles (Troop) - EN
Gargoyles originate from the Abyss, where they are among the lowest-ranked creatures to be found. Th...
Kings of War - Clash of Kings 2019 - EN
It's the biggest Clash of Kings ever! Inside this mighty 80-page supplement, not only will you ...
Kings of War - Dwarf Army (Re-package & Re-spec) - EN
This set contains a great starting force for Kings of War, including:
Kings of War - Dwarf Steel Behemoth - EN
These innovative fighting vehicles are powered by ingenious internal combustion engines fuelled by t...
Kings of War - Earth Elemental Regiment - EN
Earth elementals are a primal force of nature, risen from the ground by ancient rites and powerful m...
Kings of War - Fire Elemental Regiment - EN
When conjured to the battlefield by sorcery, these burning warriors are difficult to control. Heat a...
Kings of War - Large Movement Trays (Pack of 4)
Soldiers on the battlefield commonly form into Regiments and Troops. Ranks and files of fighters mak...
Kings of War - Naiad Leviathan's Bane - EN
This set contains 3 metal and resin miniatures, including:
Kings of War - Naiad Wyrmrider Centurion - EN
This set contains 1 resin miniature, including:
Kings of War - Ogre Army - EN
This set contains 12 Ogre Warriors, 6 Ogre Shooters, 1 Hero, 1 warlock.
Kings of War - Trident Realm Gigas Regiment - EN
The deadly pincer-like claws of these huge crustaceans can crush and slice through even the thickest...
Kings of War - Trident Realm of Neritica Army - EN
The Trident Realms are proud and territorial, and can commit to violence with little provocation. Th...
Kings of War - Trident Realm of Neritica Mega Army - EN
When the Trident Realms stir the very seas boil – storms rage, waves crash upon coastlines and...
Kings of War - Trident Realm Riverguard Captain - EN
The Captains of the Riverguard are given responsibility for whole river basins or lake systems. It i...
Kings of War - Trident Realm Riverguard Troop - EN
The Riverguard are the ever watchful amphibian sentinels for the Trident Realm. Their ability to lea...
Kings of War - Trident Realm Thuul Mythican - EN
These betentacled and slippery fiends are aggressive and surprisingly powerful given their size. Man...
Kings of War - Trident Realm Thuul Troop - EN
These ferocious creatures are a bizarre blend of halfling and octopus. Only a fool would underestima...
Kings of War - Uncharted Empires - DE
Der Hitzeschimmer, der über der ausgedörrten Erde wabert, tut nur wenig, um die vor dir li...
Kings of War - Uncharted Empires - EN
The heat shimmer that ripples above the parched earth does little to mask the horrors that lie assem...
Kings of War - Undead Skeleton Horde - EN
With rusted scraps of antiquated armour hanging off their bones and clutching the chipped and corrod...