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FFG - Star Wars Armada: Armada Upgrade Card Collection - EN
Unlock a hangar bay of 290 essential upgrades with the Star Wars: Armada Upgrade Card Collection! Th...
Order Deadline: The deadline has passed and we might not be able to fulfill your preorder after this point.
FFG - Star Wars Armada: Galactic Republic Fleet Starter - EN
Start building your Galactic Republic fleet and launch into the battles of Star Wars: Armada with th...
FFG - Star Wars Armada: Recusant-Class Destroyer - EN
Produced in vast numbers by the Commerce Guild, the Recusant-class Destroyer reinforces the daunting...
FFG - Star Wars Armada: Super Star Destroyer Expansion Pack - EN
The Super Star Destroyer Expansion Pack arrives to swell the forces of the
FFG - Star Wars Armada: Venator-Class Star Destroyer - EN
This pack includes everything you need to add 1 Venator-class Star Destroyer to your games of Star W...
FFG - Star Wars Legion - 1.4 FD Laser Cannon Team Unit Expansion - EN
No matter where the Rebel Alliance establishes one of its bases, it must always be prepared for an I...
FFG - Star Wars Legion - AT-ST Unit Expansion - EN
The power of the Empire is visible on any subjugated world—few images are more representative ...
FFG - Star Wars Legion - B2 Super Battle Droids Unit Expansion - EN
B2 Super Battle Droids are the hulking, brutal cousins of the wiry B1-series battle droids of the Se...
FFG - Star Wars Legion - Boba Fett Operative Expansion - EN
As evidenced by his tracking Han Solo and the Millenium Falcon to Bespin in The Empire Strikes Back,...
FFG - Star Wars Legion - Chewbacca Operative Expansion - EN
Han Solo’s ever-faithful companion, Chewbacca isn’t afraid to follow his friends into ba...
FFG - Star Wars Legion - Count Dooku Commander Expansion - EN
While much of the galaxy knows him as the Separatist Alliance's Head of State, Count Dooku serv...
FFG - Star Wars Legion - Dice Pack
Supplement your games of Star Wars™: Legion with a tool of convenience: extra dice! The Star W...
FFG - Star Wars Legion - E-Web Heavy Blaster Team Unit Expansion - EN
Imperial troops are known for their relentlessness, pressing the attack even in the face of the stro...
FFG - Star Wars Legion - Echo Base Defenders - EN
Your players can begin building their Rebel armies making their stand against the Empire with this p...
FFG - Star Wars Legion - Emperor Palpatine Unit Expansion - EN
The Galactic Empire encompasses countless star systems, ruling over the galaxy with an iron fist and...
FFG - Star Wars Legion - Fleet Troopers Unit Expansion - EN
From the opening shots of A New Hope, we’re introduced to an ongoing space battle as a massive...