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Batman Miniature Game : Bane: Venom Overdrive - EN
"I am Bane and I could kill you... but death would only end your agony and silence your shame. ...
Batman Miniature Game : Doom Patrol - EN
miniatures ready to assemble and paint.
Batman Miniature Game Harley Quinn Rebirth (Multiverse) - EN
Harley Quinn takes advantage of her break with the Joker to find her way in a crazy way with her new...
Batman Miniature Game: Archie & Joker's Bikers - EN
Comic-book fans are also well-served this month, with the release of Joker’s immortal dwarf si...
Batman Miniature Game: Azrael God's Punishment - EN
Michael Lane becomes the new Azrael. He is given the Suit of Sorrows by The Order. After a run-in wi...
Batman Miniature Game: Bane Unleashed - EN
miniature ready to assemble and paint.
Batman Miniature Game: Batgirl (Barbara Gordon) - EN
Batgirl is a teenage vigilance inspired by Batman, but also her foster father, Police Commissioner J...
Batman Miniature Game: Batgirl Rebirth (Multiverse) - EN
“I’m strong enough and smart enough for anything you throw at me”.
Batman Miniature Game: Batman & Robin 10th Anniversary Edition - EN
The 10th Anniversary Batman looks terrifying, menacing and he gets his unique dark style. Totally Ba...
Batman Miniature Game: Batman & Robin Classic TV Series - EN
The “Dynamic duo” comes to the aid of the Gotham City Police upon the latter being
Batman Miniature Game: Batman (Multiverse) - EN
“The mission always continues, and whether in form or in spirit, there must always be a Batman...
Batman Miniature Game: Batman Dice Set - EN
Batman D6 dice set for Batman Miniature Game.
Batman Miniature Game: Batman Frank Miller Armor - EN
“The rain on my chest is a baptism. I’m born again”.
Batman Miniature Game: Batman Who Laughs - EN
miniature ready to assemble and paint.
Batman Miniature Game: Batman Year One - EN
“Twelve years, and the ache is still fresh, like a raw angry nerve, but isn’t about heal...
Batman Miniature Game: Batwoman - EN
The latest addition to the Bat-Family, Batwoman is a formidable presence on the streets of Gotham, c...
Batman Miniature Game: Bird & Mercs - EN
After being rescued from the very prison he was born in by Bane, Bird and the other broken out inmat...
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Batman Miniature Game: Birds of Prey - EN
Watch your back. Birds of prey are ready to act. Harley Quinn has convinced the girls to work togeth...
Batman Miniature Game: Black Canary - EN
Black Canary is one of the world’s foremost martial artist. She is an important member of the ...