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CuBirds - EN/FR
Every day, dozens of birds have a stop on the fences of our countryside. When it is time to leave, a...
Gasha - EN/FR
Gasha is a set collection card game accessible to all players.
Imagician - EN
Imagician reinvents the principle of dot-to-dot drawing: connect the dots to discover what you are d...
It's a wonderful Kingdom - EN
It's a Wonderful Kingdom is a standalone solo or 2-player game in a Low-Fantasy universe.
It's a Wonderful World: Ascension - EN
This new deck of cards complement the existing cards of It’s a Wonderful World. From now on, e...
It's a Wonderful World: War Or Peace - EN
This expension is a campaign allowing players to live an adventure scripted in 5 scenarios which bri...
Nidavellir: Thingvellir - EN
Ordered by the King, try to hire the most skillful dwarves to save Nidavellir, with the help of Dagf...
Sobek: 2 Player - EN
A new version of Bruno Cathala’s acclaimed classic, but for two ! Smartly, deceitfully sell th...