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DPM - Agrud, the Unconquerable
It is said that when Mother Hunger, the Goddess of Desires, plucked Voratrix Salax from the viscous ...
DPM - Argus, The Giant
Born frail and not expected to survive, Argus was offered as sacrifice to the Dark Gods of his tribe...
DPM - Charon, Prophet of Decay
No living creature is immune to death and no sentient creature is without fear of death. Charon is t...
DPM - Magos, Seer of Darkness
Now a true entity of the winds of magic once Magos was but a mere mortal with the gift of farsight. ...
DPM - Manca, the Golden Lord
She is called the Golden Lord because she lords over the Golden Horde – battalions upon battal...
DPM - Menos, Son of Rage
The unstoppable force that lies within us all! Menos is the corporeal manifestation of loss of contr...
DPM - Minos ,Master of the Labyrinth
Truly a manifestation of natures’ rage towards all those that trespass against her.
DPM - Ophys, The Corrupter
Every thought turned dark, every feeling turned negative, every utopia turned dystopian. The manifes...
DPM - Ossuary, the Lord Collector
Ossuary was not always a demon, let alone a lord. Known by a different, insignificant
DPM - Phthisis, Lord of the Foul Winds
A terrible gale scours the fields, ruining crops like a huge scythe; a child
DPM - Pyrexia, Lord of Steaming Blood
Pyrexia, as the name states, is fever – in the blood, in battle, in
DPM - The Star Child
A God in his own right albeit a lesser one.
DPM - Voratrix Salax, Lord of Unbridled Urges
Deep inside the trenches of her domain’s coppery, sulfuric seas, Voratrix opens the loins at t...
DPM - Yersin, Lord of Pustulent Flesh
Unlike other Demon Lords, Yersin is not attached to its physical form, much less toany gender it mig...