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The Army Painter - Rangefinder Tape Measure
An invaluable tool for playing most wargames. Total 3 meters long - will easily measure any range or...
The Army Painter - Runewars Miniatures Game Uthuk Y'llan paint set
The great powers of Terrinoth have clashed countless times over the ages, spilling the blood of man ...
The Army Painter - Scorched Tuft
Razed by fire and war, the Scorched Tufts stand devoid of life on the battlefield.
The Army Painter - Sculpting Tools
These sculpting tools, when used in conjunction with Green Stuff, offer the modeling hobbyist a rang...
The Army Painter - Self-healing Cutting mat
The Cutting Mat is used as a base for all modeling, assembling and conversions of wargaming miniatur...
The Army Painter - Super Glue
Also known as cyanoacrylate - this is super glue at its best. Medium thickness and high quality, thi...
The Army Painter - Swamp Tuft
It came from the swamp! A very realistic look and very good to combine this tuft with others for gre...
The Army Painter - Targetlock Laser Line
No more “seeing around the corner” or avoiding difficult terrain - Targetlock Laser Line...
The Army Painter - The Others: Paint Set of Sin
The Army Painter and Cool Mini or Not in cooperation with Studio McVey are thrilled to announce The ...
The Army Painter - The Rising Sun paint set
As the Kami descend from the heavens to reshape the land in their image, it is up to each player to ...
The Army Painter - Tool Racking System incl. Retail starter selection
The Army Painter has spent over a year perfecting the best Retail/Hobby accessory solution for gamer...
The Army Painter - Tweezers Set
Tweezers are a very useful tool for assembling miniatures and handling small components, especially ...
The Army Painter - Wargamer Brush - Character
This size is ideal for painting single models like unit champions or Heroes as the tip is fine and s...
The Army Painter - Wargamer Brush - Detail
This superb sable brush allows you make very precise details on your models, be they weapon cartridg...
The Army Painter - Wargamer Brush - Insane Detail
As the name suggests this is an extremely fine and small brush for the ultra small highlights, facia...