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Starfinder Adventure Path: Escape from the Prison Moon (Against the Aeon Throne 2 of 3) - EN
Deputized by the interstellar police force called the Stewards for freeing a colony from Azlanti occ...
Starfinder Adventure Path: Fate of the Fifth (Attack of the Swarm! 1 of 6) - EN
As the insectoid alien Swarm surges across another system in the Vast, the heroes are the only survi...
Starfinder Adventure Path: Fire Starters (Dawn of Flame 1 of 6) - EN
A magical portal to the Plane of Fire disappears into the sun just after something exits it for the ...
Starfinder Adventure Path: Flight of the Sleepers (The Threefold Conspiracy 2 of 6) - EN
Barely escaping a doomed transport, the heroes find themselves trapped within a bizarre research fac...
Starfinder Adventure Path: Heart of Night (Signal of Screams 3 of 3) - EN
Trapped on the Shadow Plane, the heroes find their only hope of returning home is to find and defeat...
Starfinder Adventure Path: Hive of Minds (Attack of the Swarm! 5 of 6) - EN
The monks of the Forever Reliquary send the heroes into a psychic projection of the Swarm's hiv...
Starfinder Adventure Path: Huskworld (Attack of the Swarm! 3 of 6) - EN
Hoping to find a way to fight back against the alien, insectoid Swarm,
Starfinder Adventure Path: Merchants of the Void (Fly Free or Die 2 of 6) - EN
The crew of the Oliphaunt have earned the freedom to go where they please, but they've still go...
Release Date: 09.12.2020
Order Deadline: The deadline has passed and we might not be able to fulfill your preorder after this point.
Starfinder Adventure Path: Professional Courtesy (Fly Free or Die 3 of 6) - EN
A favor for their best friend and ally brings the player characters to the ocean planet of Entha, wh...
Release Date: 27.01.2021
Order Deadline: 21.12.2020
Starfinder Adventure Path: Puppets without Strings (The Threefold Conspiracy 6 of 6) - EN
With bounties on their heads and evidence of a conspiracy that goes all the way to the top of the Pa...
Starfinder Adventure Path: Soldiers of Brass (Dawn of Flame 2 of 6) - EN
Soldiers of Brass (2 of 6): Now employees of solar researchers, the Deep Cultures Institute, the her...
Starfinder Adventure Path: Splintered Worlds (Dead Suns 3 of 6) - EN
Tracking the Cult of the Devourer, the heroes travel to the Diaspora, but they must survive the aste...
Starfinder Adventure Path: Sun Divers (Dawn of Flame 3 of 6) - EN
With data recovered during the previous adventure, the characters have proof of an extant deep-cultu...
Starfinder Adventure Path: The Blind City (Dawn of Flame 4 of 6) - EN
An ancient, eldritch tablet the heroes recovered during their previous adventure needs translating. ...
Starfinder Adventure Path: The Chimera Mystery (The Threefold Conspiracy 1 of 6) - EN
The security officer aboard a luxury space liner, the Chimera, goes missing after the heroes witness...
Starfinder Adventure Path: The Cradle Infestation (The Threefold Conspiracy 5 of 6) - EN
Having learned that a dangerous contagion is hidden inside prototype biotech bound for mass producti...
Starfinder Adventure Path: The Diaspora Strain (Signal of Screams 1 of 3) - EN
While relaxing on a posh asteroid resort, the heroes are beset by a plague of madness and horrible t...
Starfinder Adventure Path: The Forever Reliquary (Attack of the Swarm! 4 of 6) - EN
The heroes must hunt for an icy comet hurtling through the void, the supposed home of a secret monas...
Starfinder Adventure Path: The God-Host Ascends (Attack of the Swarm! 6 of 6) - EN
The heroes have sent the Swarm into disarray, but the entity called the God-Host still stands on the...
Starfinder Adventure Path: The Hollow Cabal (The Threefold Conspiracy 4 of 6) - EN
After discovering that a sinister force has infiltrated the Stewards, the heroes travel to the float...