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Kings of War Vanguard: Ratkin Warriors Regiment - EN
The backbone of a Ratkinwarhostis a seething mass of hatred, teeth, and claws. Their Warriors form v...
Release Date: April 2021 (Subject to change)
Note: Release date is approximate and will be finalized later.
Order Deadline: The deadline has passed and we might not be able to fulfill your preorder after this point.
Kings of War Vanguard: Undead Reinforcement Pack - EN
Although humans are the most commonly found race among the ranks of the undead, necromancers are abl...
Kings of War Vanguard: Undead Support Pack - Goreblight - EN
Necromancy is a process of trial and error. For every successful reanimation, there are countless fa...
Kings of War Vanguard: Undead Warband Booster - EN
Undead Warband often enlists some of the more sentient of the cursed beings to join their raids on s...
Kings of War Vanguard: Undead Warband Set - EN
The dead do not rest easy in Mantica, for there are those who would use them as macabre puppets to f...
Kings of War: 3rd Edition Gamer's Rulebook - EN
3rd Ed Rules and Core Army lists only. Basically hardback without background section - the same as t...
Kings of War: Vanguard - Dwarf Support Pack: Flame Priest - EN
Dedicated to the Fulgria, the Goddess of White Fire, the mysterious Flame Priests are able to harnes...
Kings of War: Vanguard - Dwarf Support Pack: Ironwatch - EN
Veteran marksmen, the Ironwatch spend years mastering their weapons. Having fought in wars for many ...
Kings of War: Vanguard - Dwarf Support Pack: Mastiff Packmaster - EN
Younger dwarfs often mock packmasters for work they consider to be beneath a warrior. Such mockery l...
Kings of War: Vanguard - Dwarf Support Pack: Shieldbreaker - EN
Shieldbreakers are aggressive fighters, with little to no thought of self-defence. Often encountered...
Kings of War: Vanguard - Dwarf Support Pack: Steel Juggernaut - EN
Knorri Ironheart’s personal battle armour, his Juggernaut, has divided opinion amongst the cla...
Kings of War: Vanguard - Dwarf Warband Set - EN
Short in stature but as unyielding as the mountains themselves, the Dwarfs are a proud and noble peo...
Kings of War: Vanguard - Firebrand Mercenary Booster - EN
Firebrand is a legendary corsair, renowned for breath-taking feats of bravery, swashbuckling action,...
Kings of War: Vanguard - Kuzlo and Madfall Mercenary Booster - EN
On the battlefield the combination of Kuzlo's unpredictable magic and Madfall's even more ...
Kings of War: Vanguard - NA Support Pack: Ice Elemental - EN
Ice Elementals are a rarity in Mantica, able to be summoned only in the frozen northern realms. Sust...