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WarLock Tiles Starter Set
The highly anticipated WarLock™ Dungeon Tiles from WizKids are finally available for release!
Release Date: May 2020 Subject to change
Note: Release date is approximate and will be finalized later.
Order Deadline: 11.02.2020
Warlord Bent Nose Pliers
Stainless Steel with smooth jaws and comfortable grips. Ideal for pulling, twisting and holding. Als...
Warlord Flexible Masking Tape 6mm (2)
The flexible masking tape can be stretched to follow curved lines and contoured surfaces without cre...
Warlord Large Modelling Knife
This 115mm plastic handle craft knife with a large knife blade can stand up to some of the toughest ...
Warlord Large Replacement Knife Blades (5)
This large blade is perfect for making effortless cuts in rubber, foam, soft woods, plastic etc. It ...
Warlord Modelling Knife
This versatile knife can perform a variety of functions from light-duty cuttings and carvings to car...
Warlord Modelling Tweezers
These extra fine curved tweezers are ideal for reaching into awkward areas, then picking, holding an...
Warlord Mouldline Remover
This mould line cleaning tool is an essential addition to the modeller's toolbox. The stainless...
Warlord Needle Files (3)
These quality 160mm needle files with flat, round and triangle profiles are excellent for precise fi...
Warlord Pin Vice and Drill Bits
Handy holder for drills, taps, pins etc. Includes: 2 reversible collets with capacities 0 - 1.2mm, 1...
Warlord Pipette 2ml (5)
These pipettes are ideal for accurately applying paints and thinners. Ideal for modellers and hobbyi...
Warlord Replacement Knife Blades (5)
The classic fine point blade is ideal for fine angle cuts, carving and etching, piercing, scoring, s...
Warlord Saw Blade for Large Modelling Knife (42 TPI)
The Warlord saw blades can be fitted to our Large Modelling Knife handle and will cut rigid plastic ...
Warlord Sculpting Tool (Double Ended Stainless Steel Carver)
This double-ended stainless steel sculpting tool allows controlled carving, shaping & forming wo...
Warlord Side Cutter
Stainless steel with smooth jaws and comfortable grips. Perfect for straight cuts on plastic and whi...
Warlords of Erehwon Orc Warband - EN
Orc Warband contains 24 plastic figures.
Warpath: Firefight Rulebook - EN
Firefight is a medium-scale skirmish wargame set in the same exciting universe. It goes deeper into ...
Warpath: Team Bases - 40mm
These durable plastic trays have recesses to fit individual models bases, and can be decorated to co...
Wash Dash - Multilingual
The weirdest thing just happened — your neighbor challenged you