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GF9 - Hobby Round: Rocky Basing Grit
Basing Grits are used to represent all sorts of dirt, sand, rubble or debris. A note on our basing g...
GF9 - Hobby Round: Snake Chain 1.5mm (1m)
Contains 2 meters / 6 feet of 1.5mm Snake Chain.
GF9 - Hobby Round: Snow
Snow is use to represent… snow! Just like the real white stuff, nothing says winter like snow...
GF9 - Hobby Round: Spring Undergrowth
Small clumps of Spring Undergrowth Flock Blend look great as accents on other bases – a couple...
GF9 - Hobby Round: Summer 3 Color Clump Foliage Mix
Summer Clump Foliage is a mix of light, medium, and dark green clump foliage. Clump foliage is the s...
GF9 - Hobby Round: Summer Flock Blend
Summer Flock Blend is a mixture of yellow and green flock, with a little bit of red. Summer Flock Bl...
GF9 - Hobby Round: Super Fine Basing Grit
Basing Grits are used to represent all sorts of dirt, sand, rubble or debris. A note on our basing g...
GF9 - Hobby Round: Three Strand Rope 0.5mm (2m)
Contains 2 meters / 6 feet of 0.5mm Three Strand Rope
GF9 - Hobby Round: Tundra/Ash Flock Foundation
For tundra styled bases, use a light coat of Ash Waste / Tundra flock, topped with small bits of gre...
GF9 - Hobby Round: Winter/Dead Static Grass
Winter / Dead Static Grass is a mixture of colors that realistically represents dead, dying, or drie...
GF9 - Intro Sculpting Set
This set is great for the beginning sculptor. Wither its filling gaps while assembling your model or...
GF9 - Model Pinning System
GF9 makes the daunting tasking of pinning your model easy with this revolutionary pinning system.
GF9 - Needle Nose Pliers
These pliers are the perfect tool to make slight adjustments to your metal model, to kink the slot b...
GF9 - Plastic Sidecutter
This durable side cutter is perfect for clipping plastic model parts off the sprue or cutting unwant...
GF9 - Precision Sidecutter
These precision cutters are strong enough to cut a metal model in two. Perfect for quick conversion ...
GF9 - Rapid Cure
20ml Bottle. Apply one dose directly onto the glue and the parts you’re trying to assemble, or...
Ghibli - Castle in the Sky - Glas Vintage Collection - Yummy!
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