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Blackfire Dice Tower - Candy Twister
The Candy Twister is a multi-colored brother to the famous Crystal Twister. Crystal clear acrylic ma...
Blackfire Dice Tower - Orc Totem
The Orc Totem is a mechanical Dice Tower to support all fantasy themed dice rolling. It is of great ...
Blackfire Dice Tower - Peridot Twister
Our Peridot Twister is just as fabulous as its brother Crystal Twister. The only difference is a vib...
Blackfire Dice Tower - Pirate
The Blackfire Pirate's Dice Tower is a small masterpiece of laser cutted wood. It is printed wi...
Blackfire Double Deck Holder (160+) - Black
Double Deck Holder - Protective Box for two decks in separate compartments.
Blackfire Flip Deck Holder Trio (240+) - Black
Flip Deck Holder Trio - A unique Deckbox that keeps up to 3 decks.
Blackfire Hard Card Case - Long (carries up to 1300 cards)
A portable card case with shoulder strap and ziplock with two zippers
Blackfire Life Counter - Gold
A handy lifecounter in the size of a standard gaming card. It can count from 00 to 99 and is the per...