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Aristeia! Core - EN
One hundred and seventy five years into the future, the human race has reached the stars.
Aristeia! Core - FR
One hundred and seventy five years into the future, the human race has reached the stars.
Aristeia! Core Collector's Limited Edition - EN
Aristeia! is the new sports game by Corvus Belli that allows two players to take the role of a compe...
Aristeia! Dice Pack
This blister contains a full set of special dice for Aristeia!:
Aristeia! Fullmetal Kozmo - EN/FR/DE/SP
Get ready to fight against the most popular skin of all time: Fullmetal Kozmo! Winner of the Most Wa...
Aristeia! Gata 'Flibusteira' - EN/DE/FR/SP
This design for Gata is made by illustrator and comic book artist, Kenny Ruiz (Outrage). In his own ...
Aristeia! Hexx3r 'Nomad Witch' - EN/DE/FR/SP
This skin is the answer to the wishes from many fans of the most popular character in the HexaDome: ...
Aristeia! Human Fate - EN/DE/FR/SP
Four aristos arrive to fiercely dispute the throne in the HexaDome. A rich heiress thirsty for blood...
Aristeia! Legendary Bahadurs - EN/DE/FR/SP
Legendary Bahadurs (LB), a new expansion for its game Aristeia!, which will expand the options avail...
Aristeia! Lunah "Elven Ranger" - EN/DE/FR/SP
Carrying on our fantasy theme after the remarkable success of hEXx3r "Nomad Witch", Major ...
Aristeia! Masters of Puppets - EN
Gaia and Fiddler are two girls who come to change the traditional strategy found in the HexaDome. Ga...
Aristeia! Maximus 'Thermopylae' - EN/DE/FR/SP
Maximus leaves his high-tech Moto.tronica power armor to promote his new Maya film, ‘Thermopyl...
Aristeia! Parvati `Victorian Automata´ - EN/DE/FR/SP
Here comes a new skin for Aristeia! Parvati with the look she wore in the fifteenth season of the ga...
Aristeia! Smoke and Mirrors - EN/DE/FR/SP
The Smoke & Mirrors (SnM) expansion pack is going to change the perception of the game, making i...
Aristeia! Soldiers of Fortune - EN/DE/FR/SP
This four-character expansion brings new ways to master the HexaDome. Hannibal allows you to alter t...
Ark of Animals - EN
Ark of Animals is the first release by Fabryka Gier Historycznych targeted mainly at younger players...
Arkwright 2nd Edition - EN
In the 17th and 18th centuries, merchantmen sailing under the English flag dominated the seas and in...
Arler Erde - DE
Das große Strategiespiel für 2 Personen.
Arler Erde: Tee & Handel Erweiterung - DE
Die 1. Erweiterung für bis zu 3 Personen.
Armageddon - EN/DE
In a post-apocalyptic world, players try to rebuild society. Using the debris, they build new towns ...